About Us

Great atmosphere, amazing range of food, what more could you ask for?

Cut that hectic shopping trip short and drop in to the Skiff Inn for great food and drink!

Situated just a short distance from the very popular into Metrocentre shopping centre, The Skiff Inn is a ideal place to take a break from your shopping spree and enjoy some of the fine food available on our menus.

Our History

Established approx 1800, owned by a north east Hero named Harry Clasper in 1836. He was one of the three men who revolutionised competitive rowing .Their hold on the population was no less than that of Newcastle football club today. If Clasper was their Keegan, Chambers and Renforth were the Jackie Milburn and the Peter Beardsley.

Harry Clasper was born on 2.8.1810. He left school aged 15 and worked in the notorious Jarrow pit and eventually moved to become a ship’s carpenter.

At the age of 21 he became a coal burner at Derwenthaugh and a wherryman . He married Susannah Hawks (who was his cousin) on 19.09.1836 in Gateshead. Soon afterwards took the tenancy of the Skiff Inn and boatyard. At the age of 25 he began to get noticed as an oarsman on the river. In 1837 he began competitive rowing at the age of 30.